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Electroplating industry
The main source of zinc in wastewater of electroplating and metal processing industry is the towing liquid of electroplating or pickling. Pollutants are transferred to rinsing water again through metal rinsing process. Pickling process includes first immersing metal (zinc or copper) in strong acid to remove the oxide on the surface, and then immersing in the brightener containing strong chromic acid for light enhancement. The waste water contains a large amount of heavy metal ions such as hydrochloric acid, zinc, copper and organic brighteners, etc., which are highly toxic, and some of them also contain highly toxic substances that are carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutative, which do great harm to human beings. Therefore, the electroplating wastewater must be carefully recycled to eliminate or reduce its pollution to the environment.
Steel industry
In the sewage treatment of iron and steel industry, filter press is mostly used. In the sewage treatment of industrial iron and steel plants, because it contains a large number of metal impurities with higher hardness and various chemical reagents, the filter press is required to have the requirements of corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. In the process of sludge dewatering, the filter press produced by our company can control the moisture content of the filter cake within the specified range, meet the requirements of sludge transportation and prevent secondary pollution.

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