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Solution for wastewater treatment of brewing and fermentation

Solution for wastewater treatment of brewing and fermentation
Solution for wastewater treatment of brewing and fermentation

Application materials:Beer Factory waste water

Category:Brewing and fermentation

Adaptive equipment: High pressure diaphragm filter press

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Scheme Introduction


A brewery in Shaanxi produces 600 thousand tons of beer annually, and the main waste water comes from the processes of wheat washing and bottle washing, with a daily emission of/d, the waste water mainly contains starch, residual sugar, protein, waste yeast, alcohols and various residues. The researchers of beibang Laboratory found that the content of solid in the fermented liquid was about 8%, the size of thallus in the fermented liquid is about 0.4 μm, and the filter cake with thallus is relatively sticky, so it is difficult to peel off naturally from the filter cloth of the filter press by gravity. Considering these factors, the researchers finally recommended a set of diaphragm filter press with automatic bending system, which could make the filter press change the inclination angle of the filter cloth when working with the filter cloth bending system, it forms an inverted V-shape, and at the same time, the spring on the filter cloth stretches back and forth to produce vibration, which makes the filter cake take off automatically. However, for the filtering of adhesive materials and users who have higher requirements on moisture content, this machine has its own unique characteristics. The filter plate is molded by reinforced polypropylene, and the membrane and polypropylene plate are inlaid together. It is firm, hard to fall off and has a long service life.

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