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As a filter press manufacturer, we have our own factory. Our main products include chamber filter press, membrane filter press, plate-and-frame filter press, precision filter and other accessories. They are featured with good performance, high working efficiency, long service life, easy operation and so on. BBNEP filter press will be ideal solid liquid separation equipment for waste water treatment.
Filter Press
Filter press is mainly used for solid liquid separation of various suspension or waste water. It belongs to press filtration apparatus. After filtration, solid materials in suspension will leave in filter press and form filter cakes which is convenient for transportation and treatment.
Core Advantages
High filtration efficiency
Good stability, strong adaptability
High automation
Anti-corrosion, long service life
450 Hydraulic once-open Filter Press

Filtration Area:4-5㎡

Number of Filter Plates:9-12pieces

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800 Plate-and-frame Automatic Pressure Keeping Filter Press

Filtration Area:30-80㎡

Number of Filter Plates:28-62pieces

Number of Filter Frame:29-63pieces

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Filter Series
Filter series is mainly used for liquid filtration. It can separate impurities or be applied to solid liquid separation.
Core Advantages
Strong adaptability, easy operation
Good sealing effect, zero leakage
Larger filter area, high working efficiency
Filter bags is easy to replace, lower cost
Accessory Equipment
Accessory Equipment can be installed on different filter press to improve working efficiency or automation. It includes automatic inclining system, automatic cloth washing system, automatic drip tray, cake storage hopper and belt conveyor.
Core Advantages
Easy operation, low cost
Improving working efficiency and automation
Belt Conveyor

Width of Band :800-1200mm


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Cake Storage Hopper for Filter Press

Mud Storage:3.5-12m³

Total Weight:1015-3500Kg

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Automatic Drip Tray

Total Weight:105-160Kg

Motor Power:0.37-0.55Kw

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Matching Feed Pump
Feed pump is mainly used for sending slurry or suspension to filter chamber, guaranteeing normal supply. You can choose suitable pump according to characteristics of materials and filter press specification.
Core Advantages
Stable operation, continuous working
Easy maintenance
High flow, high lift
YB Piston Pump

Flow Rate:3-36m³/h


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QBY Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

Suction Length:5-7m

Flow Rate:0.8-30m³/h

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Gear Oil Pump



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Filter Materials
Filter materials mainly includes filter cloth, filter plates, filter bags, filter paper and so on. All of them are used as filter medium. According to characteristics of different suspension, you need to select different filter medium.
Core Advantages
Fair alkali-resistance, anti-corrosion and wear-resisting
High strength
High porosity, lightweight
Easy to clean and replace
Filter Cloth

Melting Point:165-260℃

Softening Point:140-240℃

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Filter Plate

Size of Filter Plates:320-2000mm

Thickness of Filter Plates:55-60mm

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Filter Bag

Filter Fitness:0.5-600μm

Filtering Efficiency:-

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