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Providing Scientific Technique and Reasonable Solutions
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BBNEP Laboratory
Raw Materials Analysis Laboratory
BBNEP firmly believes that science and technology are the primary productive forces. Therefore, we build BBNEP laboratory on the base of original technology department. Our Laboratory can analyze different materials in different industries, and give out more reasonable process scheme.
Research Team
95% team members has master's and doctoral degrees.
Target grade, such as mechanical design and environmental engineering.
10 years’ experience in industry research
Twelve Industries • Professional Research
Efficiently degrade toxic substances, carcinogens and highly concentrated organic matters Reduce water content of filter cake Up-to-standard release and recycle of waste water

Environmental Protection Project Contracting and Comprehensive Equipment Operating Service Provider

Henan BEBON Intelligent Environmental Protection Engineering Technology CO., Ltd is the environmental protection project contracting and comprehensive equipment operating service provider. We work on developing intelligent solutions, so as to improve customers’ profitability and achieve sustainable business development.

BBNEP pursues high quality, so we manufacturer efficient and quality filter presses. Meanwhile, we dedicate to analyze raw materials with advanced technology and precise instrument and design reasonable solutions with innovative technology.

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Accumulated Raw Material Analysis
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Technological Design Scheme
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Automatic Membrane Filter Press For Mine,Henan BEBON Intelligent Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co., Ltd (BBNEP) mainly produces chamber filter press, membrane filter press, plate and frame filter press, filter plates and filter cloths. With the improvement of sewage treatment requirements, we continuous improve performance of our equipment. Now, we sell vehicle-mounted filter press, high-pressure round filter press, automatic filter press, and quick open filter press and so on....


High Quality Factory Price Filter Press,BBNEP sticks to “customer first”, we provide our customers with quality filter presses, comprehensive after-sale services, professional technological guidance, so as to efficiently meet customers’ requirements on wastewater treatment. More than ten years, BBNEP still adheres that quality and service are key to win customers. We are glad to receive your quote, and will patiently give answers about your questions. For more than 20 years, ev...


Henan BEBON Intelligent Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Co, Ltd has its own filter press factory In factory, we provides testing machine for customer visit and wastewater treatment testing, so as to give customer on-site experience of wastewater filtration BBNEP mainly manufactures vehicle-mounted filter press (for piling wastewater treatment), chamber filter press (for sand-washing wastewater treatment), membrane filter press (can produce filter cakes with lower moisture) and hi...

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