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We are Professional in Operational Management of Production Line
Production Management
BBNEP can provide customers professional solutions on production operation management. We have rich experience, therefore, we know how to make production works well. In view of this point, we can solve related difficulties for our customers.
Production Training
BBNEP can designate technician to teach staff operation and maintenance of equipment. In addition, we also can make specialized training on main technical staff. We can also assist our customers to establish regulations on production system.
Team Building
We can form production team for you. Meanwhile, we will provide plans about staffing and KPI examination. We dedicate to building excellent production team for you in a short time.
Talent Output
BBNEP will recruit excellent people to form production and operation team. Then we will teach them related knowledge and skills, so as to make them could participate in work at any time.
More Services
Engineering Procurement Construction
Process Design、Mapping & Design 、Civil Construction 、 Operating Guarantee
Manufacture Advisory Service
Providing Scientific Technique and Reasonable Solutions
Engineering Construction Service
Site Survey 、Project Design、Engineering Construction、 Installation & Debugging、Operation Service
Intelligent Upgrade Service
Capacity Upgrade 、Optimizing Production Methods、Raising Output
Knowledge of Production & Operation
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As a filtering equipment provider, BBNEP provides various services for you, such as staff training, EPC, equipment upgrade and so on.
Prebiotic production is not only a production mode with the main goal of minimizing the resources occupied by production and reducing the cost of enterprise management and operation, but also a kind of enterprise culture, the goal is to strive for perfection and perfection, and to pursue the ultimate goal of seven "zeros" endlessly.
BBNEP Provides You Scientific Production Plan
Production & Operation; Staff Training; Team Building; Talent Output
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