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Engineering Construction Service
BBNEP, High-end Filtering Equipment Manufacturer, Filtering Scheme and Technique Provider Environmental Protection Project Contracting and Comprehensive Equipment Operating Service Provider
The maximum filter area of one filter press can reach 1500m2
Rich experience in solid liquid separation of various waste water
Mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.
Chamber filter press, membrane filter press, plate-and-frame filter press, automatic operation
Our Core Superiorities
Reliable Techniques
We regard techniques as the core of enterprise development. And we have our own technical teams.
Efficient Equipment
We provide various filter presses to finish solid liquid separation of waste water, and multiple accessories for achieving automatic production.
Rich Experience
We have more than ten years’ experience in filter press industry. We build and upgrade more than 2000 production lines.
Rapid Construction
We have our own project technology team, so that we can smoothly and efficiently accomplish engineering construction and equipment installation.
Timely Service
We have complete service system and network, so we can provide timely service to our customers.
Excellent Brand
We belong to new and high technology industries and have complete qualification. In addition, our equipment obtain consistent high praise from our customers.
More Service
Engineering Procurement Construction
Process Design、Mapping & Design 、Civil Construction 、 Operating Guarantee
Manufacture Advisory Service
Providing Scientific Technique and Reasonable Solutions
Intelligent Upgrade Service
Capacity Upgrade 、Optimizing Production Methods、Raising Output
Production and Operation Service
Production & Operation 、Staff Training、Team Building 、Talent Output
Product Knowledge
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Many people are very concerned about the price when purchasing a chamber filter press, but in the market its price on the market is also uneven. What is the reason for this?
1. Electro-hydraulic, automatic pressure maintaining, manual pulling plate. 2. Automatic plate puller: controlled by a hydraulic motor puller plate appliance or an electric motor puller plate appliance. The puller plate can be numerically controlled to buffer, extending the service life of the filter plate handle, and can be paused or restarted at any time according to production needs.
Building Large Production Line for Filtration and Environmental Protection
Site Survey; Project Design; Engineering Construction; Installation & Debugging; Operation Service
E-mail: sales@bbnep.com
Address of Marketing Center:Floor 10, Building B, Xicheng Science Technology Building, Hi-tech Zone, Zhengzhou.
Headquarters:Yuzhou City, Henan Province (turn right for 500 meters from the southern exit of Zhengzhou-Luanchuan Express Way)
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