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Waste water treatment project of a stone processing factory in Fujian

Waste water treatment project of a stone processing factory in Fujian

Project address:Fujian


Application materials:Stone waste water

Daily processing capacity:


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Case introduction

Stone processing industry is an important part of national economy, especially in some cities in Fujian province, it has become a pillar industry. However, development often brings about environmental pollution at the same time. During the cutting and polishing process of stone materials, a large amount of sewage with high turbidity is produced, which causes the waste of water resources and environmental pollution. In the process of stone processing, stone cutting and polishing are essential processes, and the equipments of cutting and polishing processes and additives used in the process of processing are different. In the existing waste water treatment equipment of stone processing, all waste water is treated in a centralized and unified way. If waste water needs to be reused, additives need to be removed, which requires more complicated process and complicated process, many small and micro enterprises are hard to bear the large amount of supporting equipment and the high cost of one-time investment and operation. They usually discharge this part of water without treatment, but it will have a great impact on the environment, because of the tiny powder of stone materials, the flowing places are drifting everywhere. No matter it is discharged to the reservoir or the river, it can't bear the long-time discharge of stone waste water. Gradually, the river becomes the Milk River.


A few days ago, a small stone processing factory in Fujian rectified the sewage treatment. Beibang recommended a plate and frame filter press, which is a kind of dehydration equipment with easy understanding of the principle, it is also a very traditional dehydration equipment with simple structure, low cost, low dehydration efficiency and high labor intensity. Although the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, using it has unexpected effects on stone waste water. Using this filter press to treat stone waste water, the mud is made into cake shape, and it looks like, with satisfactory dryness, it can be directly transported and processed, and the filtered clean water can also be directly reused in the processing of stone materials.

This project can not only save a lot of money for small stone factories, but also the processing effect can reach the desired standard, but it is said to create a perfect way out for small stone factories.



Customer feedback

The construction of the whole project is rapid and the equipment operation is not faulty for the time being, which has become our EPC benchmark project here. After visiting, many local enterprises also booked the EPC project of beibang. The quality of beibang's products is good, and the service is timely in place. We are willing to and welcome more visitors.

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