Belt Conveyor
Belt conveyors can be divided into heavy belt conveyors and light belt conveyors according to their applications. The sludge dewatering industry mainl ...
Core parameters

Width of Band :800-1200mm


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Product Introduction

According to their applications, Belt conveyors can be divided into heavy belt conveyors and light belt conveyors. It is widely used in sludge dewatering industry. 

Product Features

1. Belt conveyor is featured with  large volume of transportation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardization of components and so on;

2. The speed can be adjusted, the climbing ability is high, the operating cost is low, the use is convenient;

3. It can be arranged horizontally or tilted and lifted, and it can adopt a single conveyor or multiple conveyors in series to form a complete material conveying system according to the technological requirements of users.

4. It can be divided into retaining edge and non-blocking edge type, which can be used for long-distance transmission or mobile transmission to facilitate transmission;

5. The structure has high universality and is easy to replace and clean;

6. Use expansion bolts to fix on site.


Application Field

Belt conveyor is widely used in mining, petroleum, machinery, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, environmental protection, food and other industries. What's more, its working temperature is -20-40℃.

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