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Wei river dredging project

Wei river dredging project

Project address:Henan

Category:Environmental protection sewage

Application materials:River silt

Daily processing capacity:200 tons/day


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Case introduction

River management is a water conservancy project, which is good for the country and the people. The main measure is to clean up the sludge deposited at the bottom of the river through mechanical equipment. If the sludge in the river is less, it will circulate better by itself. Meanwhile, it will also take away the garbage deposited at the bottom of the river, improve the river environment, but the sludge produced will cause a lot of troubles in the process of transportation and stacking.

The dredging work of Henan in the Wei River section goes smoothly, which is inseparable from the cooperation of our beibang. As a local industry in Henan, it is natural to contribute to the beautiful construction of Henan, after the staff of beibang investigated the terrain, due to the choice of the combination of vehicle-mounted variable filter room diaphragm filter press and belt conveyor, the variable filter room diaphragm press technology will moisture content 98 ~ 90% of the channel sludge depth is directly dehydrated to the moisture content below 60%, and the purpose of vehicle-mounted is also very clear, which is to coordinate with the change of dredging area to facilitate adjustment, the filter cake formed after the sludge passes through the filter press directly transmits the filter cake to the transport vehicle through the belt conveyor, which directly saves the original loading steps, and the sludge no longer needs to be piled up and air dried, it saves a lot of time and stacking field, and compared with natural air drying, the effect of using filter press is quite obvious, which reduces a lot of transportation costs.

Beibang feels very honored to participate in this great event of benefiting the people, and we also hope to participate more in the construction and development of Henan province.


Customer feedback

I am grateful to beibang for his contribution to our cause. I hope beibang will be better and better in the future, and I also hope Henan will be better and better in the future.

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