Filter Bag
BBNEP filter bags inlude non-woven filter bag, screen filtration, multi-layer efficient filter bag and special filter bag. They have different feature ...
Core parameters

Filter Fitness:0.5-600μm

Filtering Efficiency:-

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Product Introduction

Non-woven Filter Bag

It is used for depth-type filtration of engineeringaccuracy, its main products include: polypropylene (acid and alkali resistant,  temperature resistance is 90℃, non-woven fabrics, filtration range is 0.5-600μm) and polyester (alkali-resisting, solvent resistance, temperature resistance is 160℃, non-woven fabrics, filtration range is 0.5-600μm).

Screen Filtration

Surface filtration with absolute precision, 100% filter efficiency, main products include: nylon filter screen (acid and alkali resistant, solvent resistance, temperature resistance is 1500℃, absolute filter fitness is 0.5-600μm) and stainless steel filter (absolute filtration, high temperature and pressure resistance, absolute filter fitness is 25-1200μm, 304SS and 316SS are provided).

Multi-layer Efficient Filter Bag

Its layer is made up of melt-blown polypropylene or polyester multiplayer filter material, which can guarantee absolute depth-type filtration. The number of layers ranges from 2-23. In addition, it is featured with long service life. Its filter fitness can achieve 0.5μm, and its efficiency can achieve 99%.
Special Filter Bag

It includes oil suction bag and activated carbon filter bag. Oil suction bag is made up of non-woven fabrics and oil absorption material, which can be used for both filtration and oil absorption.  The latter can effectively remove pigment and odor.

Production Technology

BBNEP filter bags is made up of quality filter cloth in the clean production environment. Filter bags that is made up of non-woven fabrics, have been processed by singeing and press polish. In this way, filter bags can be prevented from fibre shedding, so as to aviod secondary pollution.

Hot Melting

We adopt advanced hot melting technique on filter bag production, which can guarantee good bond strength and effectively prevent leakage. Therefore, BBNEP filter bags can be used in fileds that has higher requirements on filter fitness and efficiency.


We are strict to sewing of filter bags. The sewing thread adopted contains no lubricating agent, like silicone oil. Therefore, our filter bags are durable and have good sealing effect.

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Strictly control the quality of equipment
Carefully control every production link for manufacturing quality and efficient filtering equipment.
Customize plan to deal with materials
We provide customized paln for you, which can greatly improve working effichney.
One-stop operation and management
We provide customers scientific plans to guarantee the program process, such as team building, production and operation, staff training and talent output.
Direct manufacturer and multiple equipment
We have our own factory and produce filter presses, filters and accessory equipment. We look forward to your cooperation.
BBNEP Raw Material Analysis Laboratory
Technique leads advance and innovation drives development
The laboratory has high-precision detection equipment and testing equipment, which can provide customers various material analysis...
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Targeted research on 12 industries
Achieving sewage discharge standard and realizing recycling
BBNEP has set up project departments for different industries, and engineers who are familiar with the industry will conduct industry research...
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