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EPC general contractor mud treatment project of Guizhou machine Sand Company

EPC general contractor mud treatment project of Guizhou machine Sand Company

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Guizhou is located in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with very unique lava landform, and it is a big province of sand and gravel production in China. Now that sand and gravel are produced, relevant equipment for sand and gravel production must be needed. He...

The amount of mud produced by the machine-made sand crushing site of this company is very large and the transportation difficulty is very high due to the inconvenient transportation. After understanding the demand, the design staff of the project department of our company found that the local actual terrain was inconsistent with the terrain marked by the customer, so the staff of our company re-marked the map points, according to the terrain, a combination of sand washing machine recycling machine, sedimentation tank and plate and frame filter press is designed. Firstly, the broken machine sand is discharged into the sand washing machine recycling machine, and then all the waste water produced by the sand washing machine is discharged into the sedimentation tank, using medicament can make the mud precipitate quickly, and after sedimentation, the supernatant can be directly discharged or recycled, and the precipitated thick mud can be pumped into the plate-frame filter press through high-pressure pump, the filter cake after filter pressing is very dry, which can reach the situation that the hand can not pinch the water completely. Then the filter cake produced by the belt conveyor is loaded directly and transported to the recycling place designated by the company.

This design not only realizes the purification and reuse of the tail water (after purification, the suspended matter (SS) of the tail water is less than 300 mg/L (except for special materials ), it is higher than the three-level discharge standards related to the tail water discharge of mine industry in GB8978 "comprehensive wastewater discharge standard. The reuse rate of clean water is more than 90%, which is in line with the national standards on the reuse of water resources related to industrial mining, mineral dressing and so on .) At the same time, it also realizes the dry heap and dry discharge of the filter slag: the moisture content of the filtered mud cake is less than 60 ~ 75%, reaching the national water content standard of solid waste dry heap or mixed landfill.

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